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Stretch Marks

Learn more about the common causes of stretch marks and how we can help you minimise their appearance.

Let’s stretch out the life of your skin

The human body is capable some incredible changes and sometimes stretch marks may feel like unwanted reminders. Whether it’s a recent pregnancy, significant weight loss, or a growth spurt we can help. Let’s explore why we develop stretch marks and what lifestyle and treatment options exist to reduce their appearance.

Stretch marks are the result of rapidly stretching or shrinking the skin, and there are a number of possible causes.

Pregnancy is a well-known cause but any kind of rapid growth or weight change can cause stretch marks to develop. You are also more likely to develop stretch marks if you are female or have a family history of stretch marks.

The appearance of stretch marks can differ for each individual and skin tone. Their appearance varies in colour from delicate pink lines to more pronounced streaks in shades of purple, blue or black. The shape and location can be just as varied. 

An enduring sign of skin trauma, stretch marks are very difficult to remove, but there are ways to improve the visibility of stretch marks and stop the itch. Suitable treatments for stretch marks depends on your skin type, tone and colour of the stretch mark.  

Laser therapy and microdermabrasion are known to be effective for minimising the appearance of white stretch marks. Radiofrequency microneedling is most suited to darker skin tones by targeting the middle layer of the skin.

Other options include topical treatments, which can reduce the appearance of the marks, and in more extreme cases, cosmetic surgery, which is the only known way to permanently remove white stretch marks.

It is more effective to treat fresh stretch marks when they first appear. If you can’t prevent stretch marks from appearing on your skin, you can work to minimise their appearance, so they aren’t as noticeable in the long run. It is recommended to wait until 2-6 months post-partum to treat pregnancy-related stretch marks. Early red stretch marks respond better than older, whiter stretch marks.

Stretch marks treatment options

Our careful assessment of your skin care goals and access to advanced skin assessment technology makes it easy to choose the best treatment and routine for your skin type. 


CO2 Laser – Dot Therapy

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Radiofrequency Microneedling

A revolutionary treatment for skin firming, lifting and strengthening.

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