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Anti-stress mask

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Intensive mask that soothes and relieves skin with redness and sensitivity. Suitable for use morning and evening at least twice a week as advised by your clinical team. Perfectly suited to recovery following peel, laser and RF Microneedling treatments.

Soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-redness: with Rhodosorus marinus extract and saffron flower, that act on the signs of the inflammatory condition, skin sensitivity and redness.
A soothing plant complex combining Aloe vera, chamomile and marigold, with regenerating, soothing and smoothing action.

Biobalancing: a post-biotic active ingredient, Lactobacillus Ferment, obtained from fermentation of a bacterium, enhances the balance of the microbiota to strengthen and preserve the skin barrier function in optimum conditions.

Anti-pollution Action: A biotechnological active ingredient, Urban D-tox, offers a dual action on the effects of pollution on the skin: jointly removing the particulate pollutants and reducing oxidative stress known to speed up skin aging.

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