Our unique approach enables us to look beneath the surface of the skin and simulate your results prior to treatment.  Learn more >

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At The Bondi Junction Cosmetic Clinic, we provide the most powerful non-surgical cosmetic treatments, delivered with the highest standard of medical safety and care.

We use state-of-the-art medical-grade equipment to ensure the best results for you. Solutions are designed for optimal results, minimal down time and in maximum comfort.

Let yourself shine.

We celebrate the individual beauty of you, and our goal is to deliver natural-looking results using powerful treatments, that will leave you looking rejuvenated, fresher and brighter.

Our promise

It's all about YOU!

We understand that you are unique, and our first step is learning about you, your lifestyle, and your skin goals.

Through our comprehensive assessment, our team will design a treatment plan that will deliver the best results for you.

Introducing VISIA.

Your journey with us commences with a scan of your face.

Our leading VISIA imaging technology enables us to look beneath the surface of your skin. It gives us an unprecedented ability to analyse your skin concerns.

This expert-level technology offers you the opportunity to see into the future of your beauty and reveal the new you. 

The results from our VISIA analysis form the basis of your treatment plan. We will ensure that you understand your plan, how the treatments work, and why they are recommended. You can opt to receive a secure link to view your VISIA images and recommendations in your own time and place.

We will also discuss preventative steps you can take to maintain the beautiful gains you have received.

At the conclusion of your program, your VISIA imaging is repeated complimentary, for you to graphically see the results for yourself.

Age fabulously.

Our founder, Dr John Donnellan

With over 150,000 skin based consults to his name, Dr John Donnellan, has amassed an experience base and reputation in the eastern suburbs for excellence, professionalism and the highest of standards.

Dr John has been seeing and treating cosmetic patients since1999, and he has been a clinical trainer for plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, nurses and expert therapists.

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