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Enlarged pores

Like acne and aging skin, enlarged pores are very common, especially amongst people with oily skin. Learn more about how we can help you achieve a smooth, silky feel to your skin.

Enlarged pores don’t have to be a big deal

Everyone has pores in their skin, but not all pores are equal in size. Developing noticeably enlarged pores can lead to a sense of self-consciousness about the appearance of your skin, even if it’s not particularly noticeable to others. Let’s explore what causes enlarged pores and what lifestyle and treatment options exist to reduce their appearance.

Enlarged pores, like most other skin traits, are largely hereditary. They can also be the result of hormonal changes in your body, many of which are beyond your control, but there are a number of lifestyle factors that may contribute to their appearance.

If your pores are looking larger than you would like, it could be a sign that they are clogged. The most common reason pores become clogged is due to excess oil, dirt, and dead skin particles on your face. The good news is that this problem can often be solved with a regular facial cleansing routine.

Another common cause of enlarged pores is the sun exposure. If you often spend time in the sun without sunscreen on, you are leaving your skin open to the effects of sun damage and heat. Both are known reduce skin elasticity and lead pores appearing larger.

While enlarged pores are not typically considered a problematic skin condition, they can open you up to other undesirable conditions in the future. When impurities such as dirt, dead skin and oil become trapped in the pores this increases the chance of acne and blackheads.

You cannot shrink or close your pores, but there are a number of ways to make them appear smaller. An effective skincare routine is the best way to keep pores from growing or becoming clogged.  

It’s never too early to start treating the problem, especially if enlarged pores are affecting your self-confidence or leading to other skin conditions, like acne.

The best treatment is prevention, and a regular skincare routine can be very effective for improving the appearance and cleanliness of your skin.

You should wash and moisturise your face daily to remove anything that might cause pores to become clogged (making sure your products are non-comedogenic and oil-free, especially if you are prone to oily skin). You should also exfoliate your skin regularly to remove any dead skin cells and dirt, and apply sunscreen every day to protect your skin from the counter effect of sun exposure.

Enlarged pores treatment options

Whether your skin is young and oily or older and running low on collagen, enlarged pores are a likely side effect. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to tighten and firm your skin, restoring a fresh, youthful appearance in the process. Our careful assessment of your skin care goals and access to advanced skin assessment technology makes it easy to choose the best treatment and routine for your skin type. 


CO2 Laser – CoolPeel

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Erbium Glass Laser

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Radiofrequency Microneedling

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Products to treat Enlarged pores

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