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Age spots

Age spots are part of the progression of life. Learn about how we can help you turn back the clock on your skin.

Age spots are a natural part of the aging process

The human body goes through many changes with age, and spots are very common, particularly amongst Caucasian people. Don’t stress – if brown, grey, or black spots are upsetting you, they can usually be removed without too much trouble. Let’s explore why we develop age spots and what lifestyle and treatment options exist to reduce their appearance.

Besides the obvious – ageing, there are a range of causes that can lead to developing age spots. Often harmless, age spots may simply be a sign of overactivity in your pigment cells. These cells create patches of skin that appear darker than the rest of your skin that can add to the visible signs of ageing. 

They can even surface as a result of various lifestyle factors. If you are prone to excessive stress or high levels of estrogen, or you eat a diet that is high in unsaturated fats or low in Vitamin E, you may be more prone to age spots than others.

Age spots may be a sign of long-term overexposure to sunlight so making sure your clinical team have the experience in dealing with suspicious spots and bumps is vitally important.  

While it’s likely that your spots are simply a sign of ageing and nothing more, it’s important to have regular skin checks in case they are indicative of cancerous cells. Even if your age spots have not caused problems during skin checks in your youth, they can become problematic as you age.

They can also develop into rough, scaly skin patches known as solar keratoses. These patches are precancerous, meaning they can develop into cancerous cells over time and may need to be removed.

While many age spots are relatively innocuous, they can also cause problems down the line if left untreated. 

Regular skin checks and self-examinations are important in order to detect any common signs of cancerous cells. 

Potential problems to look for include asymmetry, irregular borders, differences in colour, size, or changes. If you notice any spots that look out of the ordinary, it’s well worth getting them looked at.

Age spot treatment options

While age spots appear as a natural consequence of ageing, there’s no reason you can’t improve the look and feel of your skin as you grow older


CO2 Laser – CoolPeel

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Dual Yellow Laser

Banish blemishes.

Products to treat Age spots

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