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Facial redness can attract attention, even if you weren’t feeling shy before! Learn more about how we can help you tone down the redness and get your confidence back.

Reducing redness is really simple

With so many possible causes, facial redness doesn’t discriminate based on skin type or tone. If your skin has only recently changed in appearance, it could be a sign of irritation worth investigating. Let’s explore what causes facial redness and what lifestyle and treatment options exist to help you reduce it.

Although there are many possible causes of facial redness, many of them are easily resolved. If you’re unsure as to the cause of your redness, start by exploring the possibility of rosacea, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. Specialised treatments are available for these conditions, and early detection could save you time.

Redness can also be a direct result of other underlying conditions like menopause.

Elements of your regular skincare routine may also contribute to facial redness. If you regularly drink alcohol, take strong medication or drugs, or even experience strong emotions, these things may contribute to facial redness. One-off instances of facial redness may be traced back to excessive sun exposure or an allergic reaction. Taking stock of what you have been exposed and speaking to your doctor can help identify an underlying cause.

Facial redness can be caused by many different factors, which is why it’s so important to get a diagnosis of the underlying cause. Some conditions which commonly cause facial redness can only be resolved with specific treatments. Getting access to information as early as possible means you can choose the most appropriate treatment. 

If there is an underlying condition causing the redness, it may worsen without the suitable treatment. It might also cause pain, discomfort, or itching. With the range of treatments available, there is not reason to leave it untreated.

If facial redness is making you feel self-conscious, it’s best to seek treatment early. This way, your clinical practitioner can address any underlying conditions that may be affecting your skin.

With so many possible treatment options available to you, there’s no reason to let redness affect your life in any major way.

Redness treatment options

If you’re experiencing unexplained facial redness, we will be more than happy to offer you a tailored treatment option. Our careful assessment of your skincare goals and access to advanced skin assessment technology makes it easy to choose the best treatment and routine for your skin type.


CO2 Laser – CoolPeel

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Healite II LED

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Dual Yellow Laser

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Products to treat Redness

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