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Leading depigmentation treatment

What is Cosmelan?

It is a skin peel that dramatically reduces dark spots caused by melanin, hyperpigmentation, and aging and is proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation by 95%. This treatment also smooths and exfoliates the skin and restores luminosity. Highly effective in treating melasma, PIH, liver spots and freckles.

Treatment details:

Cosmelan targets and reduces pigmentation with a unique two-step process. Firstly, Cosmelan exfoliates the skin to reveal an even skin tone by removing layers of dead skin cells that have built up over time (the peel). Secondly, Cosmelan will then inhibit the production of melanin which is responsible for creating the colour/tone of your skin and is the cause of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

When finished, the enzyme recovers its activity producing new melanin, particularly if there is sun exposure. Due to this, the application of home care products must be used to maintain results.

Results can be seen within a few days. Full results are typically seen after 3 to 6 weeks of treatment. After a few days, you will notice skin blemishes fading, revealing a brighter complexion. After a couple of weeks, the skin will start to take on a shiny, healthier glow.

The treatment includes an in-clinic treatment as well as at home aftercare. Your treatment begins with the in-clinic application of the Cosmelan mask (peel), a fast and effective 30-minute treatment. The peel is left on the skin for the required time (8-12 hours, as per your skin phototype and instructed by your skin technician) and removed at home. The remainder of your program is completed mostly within the comfort of your own home – except for any additional treatments you may have, such as an LED Light Therapy treatment.

After removing the mask at home, you may experience 2 to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. The Cosmelan treatment includes take-home products to assist the skin’s healing phase and prevent pigment from returning. You must follow the home care regime prescribed for you to keep the pigment from returning.

Your treatment begins with the in-clinic application of the Cosmelan mask (peel), a fast and effective 30-minute treatment. The peel is left on the skin for the required time (8-12 hours, as per your skin phototype and instructed by your skin technician) and removed at home.

It is most common for the face to be treated with a Cosmelan Peel. However, other parts of the body can also be treated, such as the neck, chest, and back of the hand.

The treatment is virtually pain-free. You may only feel some mild to moderate discomfort post-treatment with peeling and dryness in certain areas. The active ingredients are highly effective yet gentle on the skin to ensure that you experience effective, comfortable and pain-free results.

Cosmelan is a very safe procedure delivering excellent results.
Most clients can use the Cosmelan Peel. It safely removes unwanted pigmentation from all skin types and tones and can be used by all ethnicities. It should not, however, be used on extremely sensitive skin or those with rosacea. Additionally, the peel should not be applied while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Your skin will be red, swollen and warm for the first three days post-treatment and then peeling will start. The Cosmelan procedure is an intensive resurfacing treatment that results in up to 10-12 days of downtime. Sun exposure is to be avoided throughout the downtime with an SPF to protect your skin and results. All post-care products are included in your treatment which will help speed up the healing phase.
Clients will be provided with detailed and step-by-step instructions on the pre-and post-care requirements and supported by our Skin Technician’s to achieve the best possible results.
Generally, Cosmelan is a milder treatment than Dermamelan used for less severe pigmentation or a general rejuvenating effect.

Our difference

Our equipment and experience takes the guess work out of cosmetic treatments.

We take a good look beneath the surface of your skin
Using leading imaging equipment, we take a detailed scan of your skin and overlay this data with our algorithms. It's all very 'technical', yes, but this allows us to show you both the aging process and what our treatments can achieve. It's like glimpsing into the future!
Next, we take you through your scans and discuss any flaws
With simulations in hand, we can now clearly see your problem areas. Our team will explain how we can remedy your skin and what type of results you can expect. We guide you on your journey of optimal skin repair with industry leading products and treatments.  
Finally, we treat, rescan and refine to rejuvenate your skin
Dr John Donnellan leads our clinic team who perform proven treatments, which are perfectly tailored to your needs. We will step you through each treatment and explain the 'why' behind our approach. Your results will be assessed during follow up consults as we refine your skins appearance. 

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