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Lines and wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles are largely avoidable with the right know-how. Learn why they appear and what you can do to reduce their appearance.

Smooth things over

Sooner or later, we start to notice lines and wrinkles as the visible signs of ageing. The process is absolutely natural, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tip the scales in your favour. In fact, non-surgical treatments can deliver significant improvements. Let’s explore why we develop lines and wrinkles and what lifestyle and treatment options exist to reduce their appearance. 

Our appearance defines our age. When it comes to our appearance, the reduction of collagen and elastin with time, results in our skin loosing its youthful appearance. Facial expressions, animation, solar exposure and lifestyle factors such alcohol, diet and stress, all contribute to lines and wrinkles. 

Sun exposure comes in at the top of the list. The temperature and levels of pollution in our environment also contribute, while lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, diet, and stress levels round out the list.

Despite the two terms often being used together, fine lines differ from wrinkles. Take your laughter lines for example, decades of smiling and muscle movement will create creases that can turn into lines which become more visible as they deepen, eventually forming wrinkles.

Left untreated, lines and wrinkles can deepen into the skin and require more invasive treatment to reverse their appearance.

Like folding a sheet of paper, each time a facial expression is made, the crease gets deeper and deeper.

The effect will be more pronounced if you tend to squint or spend a significant amount of time in the sun. If you are of Caucasian descent, the lower quantity of melanin in your skin will speed up the ageing process. As you age, you’ll likely find that you need stronger treatments to delay the course of ageing for as long as possible.

Lines and wrinkles can start to show up as early as in your twenties. While some choose to begin preventative treatments early, when you choose to treat lines and wrinkles is entirely up to you. Preventative action can help to delay the deepening fine lines as well as the need for any more invasive treatments. 

Using our advanced skin assessment technology, we take a detailed scan of your skin and overlay this data with our algorithms. We can then show you in realtime what your appearance will look like over a period of years. It’s the closest thing to a crystal ball.

Lines and wrinkles treatment options

With age-related reduction in collagen and elastin, the suppleness and elasticity of skin reduces. The good news is that intervening before lines deepen and form wrinkles is safer and requires less recuperation time than later alternatives. Our careful assessment of your skin care goals and access to advanced skin assessment technology makes it easy to choose the best treatment and routine for your skin type. 


Erbium Glass Laser

For soft, dewy, youthful skin.


Radiofrequency Microneedling

A revolutionary treatment for skin firming, lifting and strengthening.

Products to treat Lines and wrinkles

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