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Erbium YAG Laser

Achieve a radiant, youthful complexion

What is Erbium YAG Laser?

The Erbium YAG laser is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to dramatically improve their skin’s appearance with minimal downtime.

The procedure removes surface pigmentation and mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck, and chest. The Erbium YAG laser can also treat skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, and scars.

Treatment details:

The Erbium YAG laser works by producing laser light that is absorbed by the water in the skin cells, which causes the vaporization of the cell. Removing only minuscule amounts of tissue stimulates collagen and elastin production, refreshing your overall skin appearance. After the damaged skin is removed, healthy skin will replace it, resulting in a glowing complexion.

You can expect more even skin texture and tone and a reduction in wrinkles and scarring. The results of Erbium YAG laser skin resurfacing will not be immediately apparent following the treatment but will develop over a few weeks as the skin heals.

A full-face treatment will take between 15-20 minutes including set up time.

You may feel mild discomfort during treatment. Your clinician can apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort.

The ideal candidate for Erbium YAG laser treatments has mild to moderate sun damage, fine lines or wrinkles, skin laxity (especially of the lower eyelids), changes in skin texture and tone, or some types of precancerous skin lesions. Erbium YAG laser skin resurfacing is not recommended for those with dark skin tones due to the risk of hypopigmentation (areas of low skin pigment).

Most patients experience one to two weeks of downtime following an Erbium YAG treatment. Reddened and raw skin, mild swelling, and itchiness are common following laser treatments. Patients can expect skin redness/pinkness to persist for several weeks. Hydrating ointments, skin care, and limited sun exposure can reduce recovery time.

Typically, aftercare includes applying moisturiser to the skin and avoiding prolonged sun exposure. Noticeable results are usually seen after a few days, with complete healing in only a few weeks.


Our difference

Our equipment and experience takes the guess work out of cosmetic treatments.

We take a good look beneath the surface of your skin
Using leading imaging equipment, we take a detailed scan of your skin and overlay this data with our algorithms. It's all very 'technical', yes, but this allows us to show you both the aging process and what our treatments can achieve. It's like glimpsing into the future!
Next, we take you through your scans and discuss any flaws
With simulations in hand, we can now clearly see your problem areas. Our team will explain how we can remedy your skin and what type of results you can expect. We guide you on your journey of optimal skin repair with industry leading products and treatments.  
Finally, we treat, rescan and refine to rejuvenate your skin
Dr John Donnellan leads our clinic team who perform proven treatments, which are perfectly tailored to your needs. We will step you through each treatment and explain the 'why' behind our approach. Your results will be assessed during follow up consults as we refine your skins appearance. 

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