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CO2 Laser – Dot Therapy

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What is DOT CO2 Laser?

DOT CO2 therapy is an extremely powerful, and directed rejuvenation treatment that delivers extraordinary results with far less discomfort or downtime than traditional laser resurfacing.

The benefits of DOT CO2 are permanent. DOT CO2 therapy is a safe and effective way to reverse the signs of aging or sun damage, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, improve the appearance of scars, address textural changes, and give your complexion a renewed glow.

Treatment details:

DOT CO2 is a fractionated laser. Fractionated lasers create thousands of microscopic holes (DOTs) in the skin, vaporising columns of the outer and middle layers of the skin to generate a measured injury, which promotes immediate healing effect and stimulates new collagen growth.

The unique quality of DOT CO2 compared to any other rejuvenative laser, is its effect on collagen regrowth. Patients describe significant tightening and lifting in the treated area and this is thought to be due collagen stimulation arising from unique wavelength only CO2 lasers produce. 

DOT CO2 is used to:

  • Improve the appearance of aged and sun-damaged skin
  • Improve skin texture and firmness
  • Soften wrinkles and lines
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring cause by acne, surgery and trauma
DOT CO2 is the optimal laser to improve skin tone and texture, reduce pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In general, excellent results can be achieved in a single session. Most patients notice immediate skin tightening after their procedure. Results continue to develop in the months following treatment, as new collagen production revitalises the skin on a deeper level. Individuals with severe wrinkling or deep acne scars may benefit from a series of DOT therapy treatments. The number of sessions required to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation varies for each patient. Your personalised care plan will be discussed during your consultation.
A topical anaesthetic agent is applied to the skin to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Your therapist will adjust the power, density, dwell time and DOT pattern to optimise the treatment for your needs. They will then use the handpiece to administer pulses of laser energy to the target areas. A cold compress will be applied at the end of the procedure. You will be able to return home as soon as your treatment is over.
The treatment can take 30 to 45 minutes, not including numbing time, sometimes up to an hour. Numbing usually takes 45 minutes to an hour pre-treatment.
Face, neck, chest, and scars on most areas of the body can be treated with DOT CO2.
Most patients can tolerate the treatment with topical anaesthetic applied in advance. Pain or discomfort from DOT CO2 lasers can vary depending on the patient’s pain thresholds, depth of treatment and intensity of the treatment plan. Some areas of the face are more sensitive than others because skin thickness varies across the face. The numbing cream, and skin cooler (and post-treatment cool packs) work to reduce any pain experienced.

The DOT CO2 laser can be safely used on a wide range skin types and ages. If you are seeing the effects of sun damage, you may be an excellent candidate for DOT therapy. You may also be a good candidate for this procedure if you wish to address mild to moderate signs of aging or scars from acne. The DOT CO2 laser has a greater penetration depth is effective on darker skin tones.

Most patients require approximately 1 to 3 treatments, about 1 month apart for the best results.

After your laser treatment, your skin will be red, and you may experience some peeling after about three to four days. Applying hydrating lotion after the treatment will keep your skin moist and assist in healing. It is also essential to avoid significant or prolonged sun exposure, as the laser makes your skin more sensitive to damage from UV rays.

Makeup can be used after several days to camouflage any redness. In most cases, the skin returns to its usual appearance and patients can resume normal activities in about five to seven days. Sometimes residual swelling or redness may last for up to two weeks for some clients.

We recommend that you apply cool packs immediately after the treatment and for the next 24 hours if possible. You may require mild painkillers to manage discomfort post-treatment. Avoiding sun exposure is essential as the treatment makes your skin more sensitive to damage from UV rays. Applying a hydrating lotion after the treatment will keep your skin moist and assist in healing.

DOT CO2 laser leaves areas of unaffected healthy tissue surrounding the microscopic DOTs. This enables skin to heal more rapidly. DOT laser resurfacing recovery time is significantly shorter than the recovery period associated with traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, which exposes all tissue in the treatment area to the laser energy.

DOT treatments are more comfortable both during the procedure and while healing, have a lower risk of complications, can be performed on more areas of the body, and can treat multiple conditions simultaneously.

Results from the DOT CO2 laser are permanent. However, no treatment can stop the natural aging process and environmental factors from impacting the skin.

Additional DOT therapy treatments may be recommended to ensure continued skin rejuvenation. A daily skincare routine, a healthy diet and regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen are recommended to prolong your results.

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Next, we take you through your scans and discuss any flaws
With simulations in hand, we can now clearly see your problem areas. Our team will explain how we can remedy your skin and what type of results you can expect. We guide you on your journey of optimal skin repair with industry leading products and treatments.  
Finally, we treat, rescan and refine to rejuvenate your skin
Dr John Donnellan leads our clinic team who perform proven treatments, which are perfectly tailored to your needs. We will step you through each treatment and explain the 'why' behind our approach. Your results will be assessed during follow up consults as we refine your skins appearance. 

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